“By far the best thing I have done for their education during the pandemic…”

“My daughters are enrolled in a Montessori school. In March 2020, when we all had to stay home due to the pandemic, I had a feeling of panic because I went through the traditional schooling, not Montessori. I did not know how to guide and teach them the Montessori way.

Luckily, I found your website through my relentless internet searches and I felt that it was a godsend, once I found it. I was not sure if it were a going to work for us, therefore I only enrolled for two courses (Language and Math) for a month’s period. My kids absolutely loved it. They are able to continue with their curriculum flawlessly. I am so elated about Montessori Library that I subscribed for the full access bundle. It is by far the best thing I have done for their education during the pandemic.

I intend to remain a faithful subscriber even when they will resume with their schooling because it allows me to understand the way they are thought and provide support when they need it. I cannot express my gratitude to Montessori library and the wonderful staff who is always courteous and helpful when I had any questions.”

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