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Fall Scenarios: Approaches to Distance Learning in Montessori with Jorge Haro $15
Screens and Shelves: The Website as the Prepared Environment with Bill Alsdurf Jr., M. Ed. $15
Using Zoom and Google Classroom for e-learning and Building Community with Greg Hicks $15
Using Zoom and Creating Collaboration with Alison Pilhal $15
Using and Developing Your Google Classroom with Kim Delaney $15
Creating Montessori Material Kits for Distance Learning with Alison Plihal $15
Get Connected with Shelby Hiken $15
Creating Weekly Activity Plans with Natalie Carver $15
Infants and Toddlers in the Time of Covid with Kathy Leitch and Terri Sherril $15
Best Practices for Teaching and Reaching with Remote Learning with Christine Lowry, M.Ed. $15
Structures in the Adolescent Classroom with Jocelyn Swanson $15
Building a Theater Program: The Hero's Journey and More with Adam Darlage $15
Preparing your Environment for Success with Jorge Haro $15
Practical Tips for Positive Redirection with Liane Watson $15
Interrelating Art in the Montessori Classroom with Lisa Goldfarb $15
Making History Come Alive with Ann Winkler $15
Nomenclature-Something for Everyone in the 3-6 Classroom with Cathie Perolman $15
Teach with Spirit, a New Awareness with Janice Fletcher Ed.D $30.00
Montessori for Dementia--Providing Respectful ElderCare with Jana Herman $15
From Peace to Equity with Sarah Stephens $60
Language Arts, Tried and True with Cathie Perolman $30/month
Set Up, Organize and Re-Vamp Your Montessori Elementary Science Curriculum with Jackie Grundberg $15
Meeting Expectations in a Cosmic Ed-focused Classroom with Less Overwhelm, Minimal Time and More Joy! with Claudia Mann $30.00/month
Sacred Geometry with Greg Hicks $30.00
It's Time to Check Some Monte-Assumptions with Jonathan Wolff $30.00
The Trauma of Covid $30/month
What the Hand Does, the Mind Remembers $30/month
Using Google Slides to Make Online Montessori Manipulatives with Anne Moberg $30/month
Supporting Sensory and Motor Needs during the Pandemic $30/month
The Great Leap from Childhood to Adolescence $15/month
Gifts of a Grateful Heart $30/month
Practical Life in a Pandemic $30/month
Preparing for Standardized Tests $15/month
Writing from the Heart: The Writer's Workshop Approach to Teaching Authentic Narrative Writing $30/month
Montessori Secondary Bootcamp: Getting Ready for a New Year with Jocelyn Swanson $15/month
Unboxing the Math Materials with Jorge Haro $15/month
Caregiving is the Curriculum: Care as an Educational Pedagogy (Presented by Skye Dodson) $15
The Teacher's Toolbox: Starting the year with the tools you need $15
Starting the School Year with Jonathan Wolff $15
Poetry in the Language-rich Classroom with Julie Cash $15

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