Structures in Adolescent Classroom with Jocelyn Swanson

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How are structures essential in the Montessori secondary prepared environment? How do they meet the varied needs of adolescents, offering them independence, choice, and collaboration? And how do structures differ from but support strategies for differentiation, deep learning, and the development of character in our young adult learners? In this webinar, we’ll explore 4 key structures essential to a Montessori secondary classroom: 1. Project-based Learning – Montessori style 2. Study Guides 3. Open Work Cycles 4. Frameworks for Conceptual Understanding We’ll also look at how structures bring educational equity to our classrooms and our teaching practice.

Subscribers receive:
  • 1.5 hour webinar video
Topics include:
  • Project-based learning
  • Study Guides
  • Open work cycles
  • Frameworks for Conceptual Understanding
  • Educational equity
Presenters include: