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“I enjoyed the Infant-Toddler Self-paced Course so much! I was able to take away and apply what I learned the next day in my classroom….
I’ve recommended the course to others looking for quality professional development.”
Denver, Colorado
I can’t be more grateful for the Montessori Library resources for infant/toddler teachers.  This is some of the highest quality, informative, and authentic curriculum I’ve ever seen – at an affordable cost.”
Montessori Children’s Nursery North
Liberty, Iowa
“This resource is incredible!  0-3 training is not available in [my country] and Nido classrooms don’t exist.  I have started a very small Infant environment from home and my goal is to grow into a second and third environment for toddlers and then also 3-6 one day.  Thank you so much for making this resource available!”
South Africa
“As a homeschooling parent, I often have to search all over the internet for Montessori resources. This has what I need for my preschooler, gradeschooler and middle school kids. I love it!”
North Carolina