Meeting Expectations in a Cosmic Ed-focused Classroom

$30.00 / month



Too many lessons? Too much work to check? Too many tests to administer? For so many Montessorians, the passion and excitement felt at certification, has waned under the stress and overwhelm of those giant albums, the mandated assessments, remote learning, and children who are stressed and missing the normalcy of the classroom. Deciding where to put your energies, while striving to meet all the different expectations can be a real enthusiasm-killer! But it doesn’t have to be like that!
In this 3-hour workshop, Claudia Mann will share strategies she has used to overcome the overwhelm and find the joy you sense is possible but haven’t been able to achieve or maintain. We’ll identify your areas of greatest concern, use a system for teasing out the most important expectations, practice a system for planning and decision-making, and help you create your manageable prepared environment for successful, peaceful, and joy-filled days.


Subscribers receive:
  • Two 90-minute webinars
  • Two full-color workbooks
Topics include:
  • Planning systems
  • Managing the prepared environment
Presenters include: