Early Childhood Overview

$12.00 / month


It is valuable for everyone working with children in a Montessori school to have an idea of the entire curriculum, and how it meets the needs of growing children. Subscribers peek into the Early Childhood curricula and philosophy in this birds-eye view of the scope of Montessori education.


Subscribers receive:
  • The Montessori Way by Tim Seldin and Dr. Paul Epstein, PhD
  • The World in the Palm of Her Hands Geography Album
  • Early Childhood Practical Life Album
Topics include:
  • Montessori Behavioral Objectives
  • Classroom Management
  • The Purpose of Multi-Age Groupings
  • Sensorial and Math
  • Language and Movement
  • Cosmic and Peace Curricula
  • Tour of Children's House Environment
  • Tour of Elementary Environment