Building a Theater Program: The Hero’s Journey and More

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Are you interested in building a theater program or expanding the scope of your current theater program? Are you interested in developing original screenplays in collaboration with your students and performing them for your school community? Join Montessori Guide and college professor Adam Darlage as he shares concrete ways to build and develop a strong theater program at the Elementary and Middle School levels. He presents strategies and timetables with respect to the entire process of play production, including: playwriting; procuring costumes, sets, and props; rehearsals; musical choices; technological demands; and community outreach. In addition, he explores proven models to help you build compelling stories that matter, most notably the Hero’s Journey of Joseph Campbell. Whether you want to perform a short play for a special event in your classroom or write and perform original full-length productions for the gathered school community, this webinar can help you achieve your theater performance goals as an Elementary or Middle School Montessori Guide.


Subscribers receive:
  • 1.5 hour webinar video
Topics include:
  • Building or expanding a theater program
  • Understanding the process of play production
  • Building compelling stories
Presenters include: