Nomenclature-Something for Everyone in the 3-6 Classroom

$15.00 / month



Come and explore the depth and breadth of the Nomenclature Materials in the 3-6 classroom. Learn how these common materials in Botany and Zoology can truly meet the needs of all levels of learners in your community. From extensions with “Part of” Puzzles to Three-Part Cards through Definition Books and Definition Matching Cards, this workshop will extend the learning of these materials across all levels. We will share the basic work as well as extensions in Nature, Art, and even the Movable Alphabet. This workshop can help you entice children to enjoy and benefit from these materials to their fullest across all three years.

Subscribers receive:
  • 1.5 hour webinar video
Topics include:
  • Using nomenclature materials
  • Extensions
  • Using the Movable Alphabet
Presenters include: