Teach with Spirit with Janice Fletcher Ed.D

$30.00 / month



You will explore your definition of “Spirit” and how your connection to “the teacher within” prepares you for your work as a teacher. You will personally connect to Spirit more deeply and consistently. Insights, Aha!s, epiphanies, creativity and genius become more frequent as wisdom, truth and guidance flow from the right brain with the help of a stronger superhighway between the left and right brain via the callus callosum. The six-step process of how Aha!s are attained will be integrated into your experience, changing your life not only in the arena of your teaching, but with a holistic process incorporated into every aspect of life. The six-step process will then be integrated into your classroom as you observe your students experiencing Aha!s, changing not only their learning capabilities, but infusing the experience into their being for positive change in their lives.

Subscribers receive:
  • Two 90-minute webinars
  • Two accompanying workbooks
Topics include:
  • Preparing for your work as a teacher
  • Right brain, left brain connection
  • 6-step process of inspiration
Presenters include: