Unboxing the Math Materials with Jorge Haro

$15.00 / month



During this workshop, we will discover out-of-the-box applications of our beloved math materials. These lessons will help our students understand concepts such as Money (with the Hundred Board), Metric System Conversion (with Golden Mat), Volume Conversion, and Phases of the Moon (with Fraction Box), Graphing and the Coordinate Plane (with Peg Board) and many more. Come and refill your math bag of tricks! Jorge Haro was born in Zaragoza, Spain and graduated with Bachelor’s of Arts in Economy and Sociology. He worked in market research for 10 years directing his own company and participating as a guest teacher in several colleges in Madrid, Spain. He has been a Montessori Educator since 2010; first as an assistant and later co-teaching in the lower elementary classroom always in charter public schools. He received his CGMS Montessori Elementary Certification (6-12) in 2014. He also works as an instructor for CGMS and has presented on the IMC and MEPI Conferences.


Subscribers receive:
  • 1.25 hour webinar video
  • 14-page lesson plan booklet
Topics include:
  • Money
  • Metric System Conversion
  • Volume Conversion
  • Phases of the Moon and Fractions
Presenters include: