Sacred Geometry with Greg Hicks

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It was Plato who said, “Geometry is the experience of the eternally existent….The study of the One is among those that lead the mind on and turns it to the vision of reality.” This is the basis for the sacred work of geometry. It offers us and the child a spiritual exploration through the physical means of the geometric work. Sacred geometry work can foster wonder, keen observation and a holistic appreciation of the universe and environment we live in. It is through this work of self-discovery that Maria Montessori’s vision of peace can begin to manifest as a reality of our world. In this two-part workshop, we will explore the fascinating and awe-inspiring practice of sacred geometry. We will explore the story and history of sacred geometry and learn how to utilize the compass and straight-edge to create inspiring geometric works. We will also discuss how this practice implements and integrates into the elementary Montessori classroom and will have ample opportunity for discussion and questions on this topic. Please join me for this fun and exciting journey into sacred geometry.

Subscribers receive:
  • Two 90-minute webinars
Topics include:
  • The history of sacred geometry
  • Using the compass and straight-edge
Presenters include: