Special Needs | Early Childhood Library

$7.00 / month


Presented by Cathie Perolman. Subscribers receive the Practical Special Needs Handbook. Learners will explore issues in special education including behavioral, academic, developmental, speech-language and children with multiple concerns, and will gain practical ideas for how Montessori educators can most effectively work with the family, school leadership, and outside specialists to support children with special needs in Montessori programs. Topics include: characteristics of children with learning disabilities and types of needs, school policies to address issues of children with special needs, communicating with parents, adapting and accommodating for special needs and working in partnership with specialists.


Subscribers receive:
  • 52 pages of written content, including the Practical Special Needs Learners handbook
  • 4.75 hours of video content
Topics include:
  • Survey of behavioral, academic, developmental,and speech language issues
  • Working with the family, school and specialists to support students
Presenters include: