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  • *Earn CEUs* Montessori Fundamentals for Early Childhood self-paced course

    $38.00 / month

    This self-paced course is designed for Montessori assistants, volunteers, substitutes and support staff, plus it makes a reinvigorating refresher for an experienced certified teacher. Combining our extremely popular Classroom Leadership course with our new Early Childhood Overview course, the combined 10 week course includes: An introduction to Montessori philosophy and key concepts Qualities of the…

  • Arts Package

    $12.00 / month

    The Arts Package Bundle, presented by Cathie Perolman and Frank Leto, provides subscribers the Art Album, Frank Leto Song Book and Montessori Bells Mini Album. This bundle prepares subscribers to design and prepare and art environment as well as explore the role of music education in the Montessori classroom. Through lectures and hands-on experience, subscribers…

  • Child Development | Early Childhood Library

    $7.00 / month

    Presented by Ann Epstein. Resources include Child Development Resource Album. Subscribers will gain an understanding of the principles of motor, brain, physical, cognitive, social, emotional and language development; children’s learning styles, contemporary issues in child development, temperament, the value of play, family systems, gender issues and more.  

  • Child in the Universe–Science, Cultural and Peace Education Bundle

    $12.00 / month

    Presenters include Tim Seldin, Patti Rivera, Kathy Leitch and Jonathan Wolff. Subscribers receive Biology Album, Gardening Album, Physical Science Album and Peace Education resources. This bundle is designed to give students an introduction to Montessori’s Cosmic Curriculum and Peace Education in the Montessori environment. Topics include the study of geography, cultural studies and history, zoology…

  • Classroom Leadership | Early Childhood Library

    $7.00 / month

    Presented by Lorna McGrath. Subscribers receive Classroom Leadership Resource Album and Parent Relationship Workbook. Learners will gain an understanding of best practices in classroom design, record keeping, curriculum and lesson planning; parent-teacher conferences, facilitating effective transitions, and creating alignment between teaching partners; creating ground rules in the classroom, partnering with parents, progress reports, and administrative…

  • Early Childhood Acclaimed Content

    $12.00 / month

    In this subscription, participants enjoy some of the most in demand CGMS Early Childhood Library content. For a limited time, those with the requested promotional code may receive this subscription at not cost.  

  • Early Childhood Albums Package

    $75.00 / month

    Subscribers of this package will explore Early Childhood albums from nine course categories including Practical Life, Mathematics and Language.

  • Early Childhood Practical Life annual subscription

    $60.00 / year

    Presented by Jonathan Wolff. Subscribers receive the Practical Life Album. Topics include a survey of the child’s needs which includes movement, multi-sensory learning, concentration and real life experiences. Learners also gain and understanding of preparing the Practical Life area, designing and presenting the Practical Life area and its materials and lessons; grace and courtesy lessons…

  • Early Childhood Science and Culture

    $7.00 / month

    Presenters include Kathy Leitch and Patti Rivera. Subscribers receive The World in the Palm of her Hand, the Physical Science Resource Album, the Biology Album and the Nature Album. Learners will gain an introduction to Montessori’s Cosmic Curriculum as presented at the Early Childhood level. It will prepare the subscriber to organize and present the…

  • Foundations Package (Practical Life and Sensorial)

    $12.00 / month

    Presenters include Jonathan Wolff, Kitty Bravo and Mary Colarullo. Subscribers receive the Practical Life Album and Sensorial Albums. This bundle is designed to give subscribers a comprehensive survey of the foundational curriculum areas of the Early Childhood Montessori classroom. Topics include the preparation of the Practical Life area and materials, grace and courtesy, guidelines for…

  • Full Access Bundle

    $55.00 / month

    Subscribers enjoy learning from each philosophical topic and curriculum area and may access each topic at their leisure. Learners will understand the purpose, sequence, presentation and extensions of the various materials and curriculum areas, as well as best practices for working with administrators, assistants, parents and challenging students; preparing for teaching and much more.

  • Full Library Access Bundle

    $125.00 / month

    In this bundle, subscribers receive all resources developed by CGMS.  Levels include Infant/ Toddler, Early Childhood, Elementary, Parenting and Webinars.

  • Language | Early Childhood Library

    $7.00 / month

    This area contains resources pertaining to the Early Childhood Language course.A thorough exploration of language arts curriculum, as presented by Cathie Perolman. Resources include the Language Album, word and reading lists. Topics include language philosophy, oral language development, phonemic awareness and material making; systems of organization in the classroom or home, pre-reading, how to stimulate…

  • Math and Language Package

    $12.00 / month

    Presented by Kitty Bravo and Cathie Perolman. Subscribers receive the Mathematics and Language Albums, recording papers and more. This bundle is designed to give subscribers an understanding of the scope and sequence of the Mathematics and Language curriculae. Math topics include numeration, linear counting, decimal operations, the passage to abstraction, fractions and plenty of extension…

  • Mathematics | Early Childhood Library

    $7.00 / month

    Presented by Kitty Bravo. Mathematics subscribers receive the Math Album, numeral writing paper, command cards, recording paper and recording booklets for various works. Topics include thorough demonstrations and extensions of materials that span the mathematics curriculum; numeration, sensitive periods for math, golden beads and decimal work, operations, fractions and plenty of extensions.  

  • Montessori Philosophy | Early Childhood Library

    $7.00 / month

    Presented by Tim Seldin and Kitty Bravo. Subscribers receive access to The Montessori Way by Tim Seldin and Paul Epstein. Topics include the guiding principles of Montessori, Montessori’s developmental theories, sensitive periods and influences on human development; the four planes of development, heredity versus environment, how to follow the child and much more.