Arts Package

$12.00 / month


The Arts Package Bundle, presented by Cathie Perolman and Frank Leto, provides subscribers the Art Album, Frank Leto Song Book and Montessori Bells Mini Album. This bundle prepares subscribers to design and prepare and art environment as well as explore the role of music education in the Montessori classroom. Through lectures and hands-on experience, subscribers will learn how to present a variety of art media and styles, to create comprehensive art units as well as art theory. The music selections are for novices and experienced musicians alike. Subscribers will get step-by-step instruction on the Montessori Bells material, learn how to prepare a music and rhythm curriculum, and encourage children’s natural love of music in the classroom.

Subscribers receive:
  • Frank Leto Song Book
  • Montessori Bells Mini Album
  • Art Album
Topics include:
  • Montessori Bells curriculum
  • How to prepare a music and rhythm curriculum
  • How to create comprehensive art units
Presenters include: