Math and Language Package

$12.00 / month


Presented by Kitty Bravo and Cathie Perolman. Subscribers receive the Mathematics and Language Albums, recording papers and more. This bundle is designed to give subscribers an understanding of the scope and sequence of the Mathematics and Language curriculae. Math topics include numeration, linear counting, decimal operations, the passage to abstraction, fractions and plenty of extension work. Language includes oral language development, visual discrimination, concept development, material making and sequencing, teaching writing, cursive writing, creative expression, transition to reading, advanced skills, extensions and more.

What our subscribers are saying: “As an early childhood educator for the past twenty-five years, I have participated in many, many training workshops throughout my career. I recently came across The Montessori Library and it instantly became my favorite! The set up is excellent and the videos are a valuable resource for anyone working with children. I have learned so much and I am excited about how much more this site has to offer. If you have a passion for teaching the Montessori way, I highly recommend expanding your knowledge and experience through The Montessori Library.” Donna L., Pennsylvania

Subscribers receive:
  • Mathematics Album
  • Language Album
  • Recording papers and other printable resources
Topics include:
  • Full Mathematics curriculum, plus extensions
  • Full Language curriculum, plus extensions
Presenters include: