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Presented by Dr. Paul Epstein, Ph.D. Subscribers receive Chapter 1 of An Observer’s Notebook by Dr. Epstein and the Observation Resource Album. Topics include methods of observation, Montessori’s research program, methods of record keeping, ethnography and preparation of the teacher as an observer. It is suggested that this subscription be accompanied by The Observer’s Notebook by Dr. Paul Epstein, PhD. This title can be purchased at the Montessori Foundation at 1-800-632-4121.


Subscribers receive:
  • Over 175 pages of written content, including:
  • Chapter 1 of An Observer's Notebook by Paul Epstein
  • Observation resource albums
  • Over 4 hours of video content
Topics include:
  • Methods of observation and record keeping
  • Preparation of the teacher
Presenters include: