Language | Early Childhood Library

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This area contains resources pertaining to the Early Childhood Language course.
A thorough exploration of language arts curriculum, as presented by Cathie Perolman. Resources include the Language Album, word and reading lists. Topics include language philosophy, oral language development, phonemic awareness and material making; systems of organization in the classroom or home, pre-reading, how to stimulate language development, concept development and teaching writing; theories of cursive writing, creative expression and the transition into reading, as well as advanced work for readers and writers.


Subscribers receive:
  • 186 pages of written content, including:
  • Language Album
  • Word and Reading lists
  • Samples of sound books, handwriting charts and games
  • Over 19 hours of video content
Topics include:
  • Language Philosophy
  • Scope and Sequence of Language Materials
  • Extensions and Advanced Work
Presenters include: