Language Arts, Tried and True

$30.00 / month



This two-session webinar will examine both the basics of the early childhood Language Arts Curriculum and some twists and tricks to keep your classroom alive and interesting as the year progresses. Although we know that many children need a solid sequential progression of skills, how do we decide when to add in steps, skip steps, and review to meet the particular needs of our learners? This workshop will look at the curriculum and search for ways to entice children with variations and extensions when appropriate, provide group practice, individual challenges as well as striving to create a classroom culture that encourages and supports “big” works for children to aspire to within the three-year cycle. From the pre-reading exercises through writing with the Movable Alphabet and a pencil all the way to Nomenclature Cards and Grammar, this workshop has something for everyone, including lower elementary guides, addressing young first years and emergent readers.


Subscribers receive:
  • Two 90-minute webinars
Topics include:
  • Pre-reading exercises
  • Using the Movable Alphabet
  • Nomenclature cards
  • Grammar
Presenters include: