Caregiving is the Curriculum with Skye Dodson

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Caregiving routines, when practiced by highly skilled caregivers who are educated in child development and pedagogy, are educational. Not simply custodial duties to rush through each day to get to the “real teaching”. This webinar will focus on the caregiving routines in the Montessori infant and toddler classroom, and how infants and toddlers build skills by experiencing and participating in caregiving routines. We say “caregiving is the curriculum”, and these routines and interactions are the most important interactions infant and toddler caregivers have with children each day. Participants will understand the importance of the respectful model of caregiving routines practiced in the Montessori infant and toddler classroom. Participants will also be skilled in these caregiving routines through demonstration and practice. And develop a new perspective on the developmental impacts of the caregiving routines. We will cover the diapering and toilet learning process for infants- age 3. Participants will also learn the process of development from bottle feeding the infant to self feeding at the weaning table. We will discuss how these caregiving routines aid in the development and satisfaction of sensitive periods and developmental domains. Participants will understand the importance of the first 3 years of life. And how undervalued practices such as caregiving have a profound impact on the development of a child.

Subscribers receive:
  • 1.5 hr webinar video
Topics include:
  • Sensitive periods
  • Developmental domains
  • Stages of feeding
Presenters include: