Specializing in Children’s Food

$20.00 / month


The goal of this subscription is the intentional feeding of children, from preconception through adolescence, so the control of error is built into their day and they ultimately learn how to feed themselves healthily for life. Utilizing today’s cutting-edge research, you will learn about nutrients in brain development, learning, behavior, and ongoing mental health. This content emphasizes and expands Maria Montessori’s directive that we develop in ourselves “the habit of specializing in children’s food.” The course companion e-book includes nutritional education printable materials, exercises, and meal/snack ideas that will empower educators, parents and school communities to increase nutrient specific foods conducive to learning, behavior, and emotional well being.

Presented by Jan Katzen, AMI, CFP, CN, former Montessori educator and practicing nutritional therapist. This early childhood subscription covers evidence based, best practices for meal and snack planning for home and school environments. Nutritional education for teachers and parents is the cornerstone of this content to support focused, happy, and calm children – ready to learn.


Subscribers receive:
  • Nutrition for Learning 210-page guidebook
  • 20-page recipe book, Brainy Breakfast
Topics include:
  • Brain development
  • Preconception through adolescence
  • Intentional feeding and habits
Presenters include: