Poetry in the Language-rich Classroom with Julie Cash

$15.00 / month



What better way to spark the joy of language and build community in the classroom than with poetry? Children are naturally attuned to rhythm and easily drawn to experiences that include poems that immerse them in the richness of language and the joy of reciting together. In this webinar, we will explore practices that use thoughtfully selected poems, seeing how they can become vehicles for ELA instruction, teaching empathy, creative self-expression, curriculum enhancement, and strengthening a sense of community in the E1 classroom. As a participant, you will listen to sure-fire poems as we explore the benefits they offer and the possibilities they inspire. We’ll also see how teaching a new poem each week can be a delightful group experience that exposes the students to a wide range of literacy skills. Resources for creating your own collection of poems will be provided. While much of this may be applicable and adaptable to E2 classrooms, it is geared towards younger children.


Subscribers receive:
  • 1.5 hour webinar video
  • 12-page Poetry collection download
Topics include:
  • Poetry repetition
  • ELA Instruction
  • Teaching empathy
  • Creative self-expression
Presenters include: