Gifts of a Grateful Heart

$30.00 / month



How Montessori communities become more cohesive and resilient through thankfulness. Facilitated by Jon Wolff and Kitty Bravo. This two-part webinar presents a variety of personal and group practices of gratitude that can transform anxiety, despair, and negativity into hope, collaboration, and creativity. In stressful situations the human brain tends to focus first on what is painful and problematic. This is a natural and self-protective response, as safety and survival always come first. But if a Montessori community becomes too problem-oriented, too mindful of “what’s not working,” people begin to lose sight of what is working, what is valued, and who is making key contributions to the lives and learning of children, families, and staff. Practicing an inner daily discipline of gratitude, accompanied by outer expressions of appreciation – especially in times like these – can help create a community-strengthening atmosphere.  


Subscribers receive:
  • Two 90-minute sessions
Topics include:
  • Group practices of gratitude
  • Personal practices of gratitude
  • Collaboration and creativity
  • Neuroscience of stress and negativity
Presenters include: