Trinidad and Tobago cultural pack

$5.00 / month


Take a tour of Trinidad and Tobago as you gain insights into its history, learn about its cuisine, architecture and more. Visit Nylon Pool, the pool in the middle of the ocean; learn about the largest brain coral in the world and the many beautiful beaches and waterfalls. Learn about the influence of the French and Spanish cultures and its mark on architecture prominent in the Magnificent Seven buildings that are in Trinidad. See the first black woman to win the Miss Universe pageant and print out the nomenclature cards of the flag to add to your continent folders or part of your cultural lesson as you try one of the many recipes. Read a show and tell story about a long lost fruit that the writer discovered and its uses and healing properties. The full color, 180-page pack includes materials for every area of the classroom!


Subscribers receive:
  • Full color maps and photos to print
  • Descriptions of flora, fauna, architecture, suisine and more
  • Recipes from the region
  • Printable coat of arms
  • Illustrated timeline of region
  • Exploration of money
  • 3-part cards of the Trinidad and Tobago flag
Topics include:
  • Regional words and phrases
  • History of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Famous art and artists
  • Festivals and celebrations
  • Famous landmarks
Presenters include: