Peace Education | Early Childhood Library

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Presented by Jonathan Wolff. Subscribers receive the Peace Education Resource Guide, Spiritual Preparation Reflection Workbook by Jonathan Wolff, Peace Activities Workbooks, Crucial Conversations Workbook and other useful articles. Topics include an exploration of the spiritual preparation of the teacher, creating peaceful communities within schools and designing the prepared environment to promote peace; activities to teach children to be peaceful, grace and courtesy, the importance and usage of music, color, feng shui; useful songs to promote peace in the classroom, the interpersonal aspect of peace and building relationships with parents.


Subscribers receive:
  • 79 pages of written content, including:
  • Peace Education resource guide
  • Spiritual Preparation reflection workbook by Jonathan Wolff
  • Peace activity workbook
  • Crucial Conversations workbook
  • 9.5 hours of video content
Topics include:
  • Spiritual Preparation of the Teacher
  • Designing peaceful prepared environments
  • Positive relationships within the school
Presenters include: